ActiveEye Analogue Light Meter

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Simple to use, no fuss, no frills light meter that helps you to ensure that your crop is getting the required light levels.

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ActiveEye Analogue Light Meter

ActiveEye Analogue Light Meter. Ever wonder exactly how much light your plants are getting? Ever wish there were a way to measure the sunlight? Light is the single most important factor when growing any type of plant. A gardener has to decide which types of light to use, the proximity to the plants and timing of the lights. If outdoors, you must determine the intensity of the sunlight at a given point in your yard or on your patio, all from the plant’s viewpoint.

Photosynthesis and plant growth depend on the sun or specially-designed lighting systems. But of that light reaching the plant, only specific types of energy (in the lighting spectrum) drive the photosynthesis process. Since light is the most important single factor affecting your plants’ life cycles, quality light meters are an essential tool in accurately determining if your crop is receiving the maximum light needed for healthy growth. A light meter allows growers an accurate means of adapting to their plants’ needs as the light conditions change during a full growing season.
The Meter

The Active Eye Analogue Light Meter is a simple to use, hand held meter that requires no batteries. It uses silicon sensors to “read” the light around your plants. There are three different ranges which you can use to measure different types of light. The X1 range is for fluorescent lights, the X10 will read sunlight levels, and the X100 range for high intensity artificial lighting ( HPS, HID, MH ). Simply switch the dial on the front of the palm-sized meter to move from low range to high. If you are testing a low range, and the meter maxes out, you can move up to the next to keep your reading accurate.

Hold the light meter at plant level, pointed directly at the light source. The meter will give you a reading in Lux (lumens per square meter) and foot candles simultaneously.

Uses no batteries
Lifetime silicon sensor
Zero calibration, remains accurate to 2%
Measures in both Foot Candles and Lumens Per Square Foot
Maximum range of 25,000 foot Candles, or 270,000 Lux
Easy to use
Hand-held design is compact and portable
Has three scales with which to measure
Comes with a two year warranty
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