Essential EC Meter

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The Essentials EC Meter is convenient and easy to use meter specially designed for testing nutrient solutions.

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Essentials EC Meter

The Essentials EC Meter is used for reading the electrical conductivity (EC) or strength of your nutrient solution. EC (electrical conductivity) is a standard measure for nutrients in the UK. Some nutrient manufacturers will declare both ml per litre and an EC value on the back of the bottles. You can follow either the recommended EC or ml per litre guide however it is more accurate following the EC feedcharts.

The meter gives accurate readings of nutrient solution and is very helpful in mixing nutrient concentrate with water.
Automatically temperature compensated.
Easy to use – just dip the sensor into the test solution, stir and wait.
Stable readings in about 20 seconds
1 to 3 years life span depending on the rate of sampling.
All Essential testers are water resistant, which allows for easy washing. Even if the tester is dropped into the water, it will remain afloat so as to enable immediate retrieval without damaging the electronics.
Can withstand falls and drop shocks.
Energy saving feature which shuts off the tester when not in use.
To ensure accurate reading at all times, the unit displays a low battery symbol to alert the user to change batteries before it degrades the accuracy of important readings.

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