Flexible Floor Trays

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Designed to fit common grow room sizes.

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Flexible floor trays

Shallow Trays are 5mm Deep | Deep Trays are 10mm Deep

Often, trays are bulky or do not fit where we would like to place them. Before these Flexible floor trays were developed, getting them home in a car or around stairs was impossible. However, these trays can be folded a number of times and are very light. Making them perfect in such a situation, the Flexible Tray from Nutriculture is the perfect solution. Designed to fit common grow room sizes. They are flexible enough to be sent to you by courier in a medium sized box.

The shell made of high quality plastic is flexible and waterproof. With an edge height of 5 centimetres you can use it as a base for plant pots or drip tray of water. This keeps your cultivation area clean. Furthermore, It is easy to insert and remove these trays for easy cleaning.

The tray fits ideally in grow boxes and popular grow tents. And since it can be folded, it’s also stowed away quickly when it’s not needed anymore.

Why use a Tray?

Although not necessary, a saucer is a good addition to a grow room.

First, Saucers are important if you plan on keeping a sterile area. They will catch any run off from feeding. Most nutrient companies will direct you to water the plant until you achieve some run off. Without trays, this water will end up on your grow room floor. Secondly, if not cleaned correctly, you risk getting mould or attracting pests. Both pests and mould love a damp environment. Also, if there are damp patches in your grow room, it can raise the humidity too.

How to use.

To keep your grow room sterile, there are a few tips to using your saucer for best results.

First, water your plants as normal, with a little bit of run off into your saucer.
Second, After a few minutes, Clean and dry your saucer
Finally, wait 15 minutes, then go back to clean and dry your saucer again.

What not to do.

Do not leave water sitting in the saucer. Although it may be handy and people mistakenly feel that it helps the plant. It doesn’t. As well as attracting mould and insects, leaving water in the tray restricts oxygen from reaching the roots by water logging the soil/coco. Any leaves that drop will grow mouldy much quicker and any dirt in the atmosphere or from your clothes may settle in your water and affect the plant. Plus, if the plant doesn’t soak the water quick enough the PH of the solution may change and the water goes stagnant and is a perfect place for growing bacteria and parasites

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