Buddhas Tree Flower Burst 250ml

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Promotes explosive flower sets without hindering continuing vegetative growth.

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Buddhas Tree Flower Burst

Flower Burst is a unique new product from Buddhas Tree. It has been created for use during a plants pre-flowering and early flowering stage. It promotes explosive flower sets without hindering continuing vegetative growth. Also, creates an increased number of flower sites. This ensures a seamless change into the pure flowering phase of the bloom cycle in a way that more closely matches your plants needs. This results in a quicker and much more efficient flowering response, which is achieved in the kindest and safest way.

When to use:

During early flowering the plants are in a cross over phase. Their needs are different from what it is possible to give them from just a single `Grow` or a `Bloom` base nutrient. The leading element for healthy vegetative growth is Nitrogen. This sudden increase in vegetative growth during the first weeks of pre-flowering is the reason that a lot of growers keep their plants on `Grow` nutrient for the first week or so of their bloom cycle.

There are also huge, equally important changes happening below in the root zone that you cant see, where your plants are accelerating their production of roots so that they will be able to maximise nutrient uptake during the later most productive and demanding phase of the flowering cycle. The most important element in this phase of vigorous root growth is Phosphorus.

This is where Buddhas Tree Flower Burst excels. It provides your plants with the perfect transitional nutrient during this changing time.


Use 0.25 ml per litre of water beginning at the last week of vegetative growth. Continue use until third week of the flowering phase.

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