Gro Tank 604 Hydroponic System

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Nutrient Film Technique suitable for 5-8 plants.

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Gro Tank 604 – Suitable for 5-8 plants

NFT stands for ‘Nutrient Film Technique’. a very shallow stream (or film) of water containing nutrients. Constantly pumped past the bare roots of plants in the Gro Tank 604.

Gro-Tanks are sometimes called ‘pure hydroponics’. Growing medium is almost non-existent, and root growth is unrestricted by restrictions on oxygen.

During nutrient solution pumping, the root system is constantly supplied with nutrients. Water is pumped back into the reservoir, where it is applied to roots once more.

Zero waste. Initially, plants were grown in a rockwool block, the only medium used for growing. Therefore, there is less chance for disease. With less waste material to throw away at the end of the season.

3x Bigger Yields. A constant supply of water and nutrients directly to the roots, combined with unlimited oxygen, makes plants healthier. Faster growing and produce 3x more yield than if grown using traditional soil methods.

Healthier plants. The roots cannot become salted from salt build-up because the plants are never underfed or overwatered.
Get more out of a small space – Gro-Tanks are just 20cm tall and there’s a system for every tent size!

Bare rooted technique means unrestricted access to oxygen.
Greater uptake of nutrient and water.
Never under or over feed and no nutrient build up.
Great for narrow spaces or areas with limited head room.

Kit contains:

  • Tank, tray
  • Correx top sheet
  • Delivery system
  • Pump
  • Spreader mat
  • pH down and test kit
  • emptying tube and full instructions

In NFT plants and placed in the grow system without any extra growing media – say goodbye to lugging bags of soil and coco around!

Furthermore, pumps continuously pump nutrient solution on top of bare roots, and runoff flows back into a reservoir.

Growth is fast and healthy because there’s no soil to restrict root access to the constantly available water, nutrients and oxygen.

To transfer plants into the Gro-Tank just tip the plant out of its pot and place it straight into the Gro-Tank tray without adding any extra media.

If you’ve started in rockwool just place the rockwool block directly onto the Gro-Tank tray when you’re ready to transplant.

Dimensions : L 152.5cm, W 48.5cm, H 19cm

Tank Volume: 60 Litres

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