Hailea Air Compressor ACO-388D 80L/min, 70Watts

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Hailea Air Compressor ACO-388D 80L/min, 70Watts

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Hailea Electromagnetic Air Compressor ACO-388D

The Hailea Air Compressor is Ideal for the larger grower with a number of systems to aerate or maybe just one large system!

Ideal for running several drip hydroponic systems or multiple air stones at once.

High pressure and high output, these electrical magnetic air compressors are in a quality aluminium case and heat-dissipation is more effective.

Power: 70W
Output: 80L/Min
Pressure: >0.03 Mpa
Noise: < 60 dB
Size: 232×120×148mm
Frequency: 50/60Hz

Includes tubing and 8 way splitter.

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