Street Light LED Light Red 2700K

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LED Street Light Red (2700k) is used during the flowering phase of the grow cycle.

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Street Light LED Light Red 2700K

LED Street Light Red (2700k) is used during the flowering phase of the grow cycle. Furthermore, Grow light strips from Street Light are highly efficient and cost-effective. Perfect for propagation of light or as a supplement to HID lighting. Self-cooling technology produces less heat and instead increases the light output of the device. Also, growers can reach their desired level of lighting output, without creating unwanted heat.

Long life, up to 50,000 hours ensures quality and durability
Sleek, robust aluminium housing
Zero Mercury content
No moving parts, virtually silent operation
Self-ballasted design with no adapters required
Growers covering a larger growing area can link up to 7 light strips together
3-year warranty

Why LED?

Most lamps can be used to fuel photosynthesis, assuming they are bright enough. The problem with most is that a lot of energy is wasted if the source of light does not emit the optimal colour combinations for plant growth.

The most popular light for horticultural use is a high-intensity discharge (HID) light and specifically, the high-pressure sodium (HPS) bulb. Today, LED lights are gaining in popularity and will most likely overtake HPS lighting in the near future.

The reason for this is simple: due to their customizability, LED lighting solutions make for more efficient grow lights than high-pressure sodium lamps. Note that this is only true of LED grow lights that have been optimized with the ideal bandwidths of light for plant production. Cheap lights do not generally provide the perfect spectra in the perfect ratios and are thus much less efficient. LED grow lights require less electricity to run and, due to their lower production of excess heat, less electricity to keep down the temperature of the grow space.

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