Medi One 4-3-3

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One part nutrient, start to finish.

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Medi One 4-3-3

MEDI-ONE is a one part, start to finish, all natural nutrient.

Formulated from all natural ingredients for use in organic gardening. Contains hydrolyzed fish soluble extract from Atlantic Menhaden, slowly steamed and hydrolyzed to preserve the amino acids. Then, blended with North Atlantic Kelp Extract, Bloodmeal and mined Potassium Sulphate
to provide additional nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (N-P-K) 4-3-3.

Natural Humate complexes are added to increase the overall balance in this high quality liquid organic fertilizer. For all vegetables, fruits, flowers, trees and house plants.

The medical community is raving about this product because it is so easy to use and the results are fantastic.

How does it Work?

The ingredients in Medi One feed the soil microbiology who in turn break down the larger organic particles into bite sized portions that the plant can easily take up and utilize. Everything works in perfect harmony.

How to Use It

For optimal results when growing with our Medi One Feed Program, we recommend following the Medi One Feed Program Feed Chart. Fertilise your plants once or twice a week as needed. When watering or fertilising try to achieve a 5%-10% run off so that any build up is gently flushed.

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