Mylar ECO Silver White Sheeting 1.25m Wide Roll

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Increased light reflection sheeting.

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Mylar ECO Silver White Sheeting 1.25m Wide Roll

A Mylar ECO Silver White economy grow sheet to allow increased light reflection whilst supplying a safe and secure environment for growing.

  • PET coated to protect against corrosion and wear.
  • This is A NON LIGHTITE product.
  • 1.25m wide
  • Yield increasing & thermal reflecting
  • Helps to stop mould & algae growth

Developed by NASA, Mylar is a synthetic, reflective, shiny, greenhouse covering available in sheets and rolls. Pricing for Mylar films has gone down in recent years and more durable, thicker versions, have stormed onto the market. Indoor growers like Mylar’s ability to reflect light anywhere from 90-98%. Furthermore, Good grow room ventilation is necessary if using Mylar.

When installing Mylar film, it is important the film remains flat. Under those circumstances, bumps, bubbles and air pockets form causing hot spots in the grow room and reduced reflectivity. Also, the sheets of Mylar can be reused if they don’t get damaged.

Easy Grow Lightite & Eco Foils, contain layers of pure aluminium. As a result, this can block mobile phone, radio & wireless broadband signals, from areas or objects which covered/coated with these products.

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