Osram PLANTASTAR Dual Spec HPS Bulb

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Specially designed by Osram to meet the toughest demands of horticultural use.

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Osram PLANTASTAR Dual Spec HPS Bulb

Osram PLANTASTAR Dual Spec HPS Bulb from Osram for horticulture. It is perfect for the flowering stage as it has a 20% increased blue spectrum. In the last phase of flowering, this is necessary. This bulb was developed for high-growing vegetables, which need a bright light source. The Osram Planta Star’s red and yellow colour spectrum make it ideal for blooming time. Additionally, the bulb has a higher portion of blue light than the Osram Nav-T-Super. This is noticeable by the strong growth of the plants. With a luminous flux of 90.000 lumen the bulb guarantees enough lighting.

Long service life, large replacement intervals and low maintenance costs. Extremely constant luminous flux during the first 10,000 operating hours. After this time or every 2 years, it is recommended to replace this lamp. Robust, impact-resistant construction prevents premature failures. Without moving starting electrodes, therefore there is no wear.

Benefits :

  • Extremely constant photon flux
  • Very high luminous efficacy of up to 145 lm/W
  • Robust shockproof lamp design with elastic support for the burner
  • High-quality corrosion-resistant base
  • Ideal for use in moist surroundings
  • Fits any grow shop.ie digital or magnetic ballast

Osram Plantastar Sodium Bulbs will fit any reflector with an E40 lamp holder. It requires a matching wattage ballast to run safely and efficiently.

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250 W, 400 W, 600 W