Philips HPI-T Metal Halide Grow Lamp

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The Philips HPI-T bulb has a pure blue/white light for the growth phase of the plant.

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Philips HPI-T Metal Halide Grow Lamp

The quality 400W metal halide lamp by Philips. This lamp emits a stable white light with a high blue content, which makes it the perfect choice for the growth phase.

Although the cost of a quality lamp is sometimes not justifiable for plants with a short growth phase, or can be circumvented entirely for many plants by using only HPS lighting, this lamp with its balanced blue/white spectrum is indispensable for long-term care of evergreen plants or mother plants that need to be kept in the vegetative phase.

Note: To operate this lamp, a ballast with suitable performance values is required, as well as an E40 bulb holder. Metal halide lamps can not be dimmed and must be operated at their respective performance level (e.g. 400W MH = 400W setting on the ballast).

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