Plagron Seedling and Cutting Soil 25L

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Plagron Seedling and Cutting Soil 25 L. A healthy start for seeds and cuttings.

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Seeding & Cutting Soil is an enriched soil mixture that is very suitable for sensitive cuttings and seedlings. It is a fine and even mix based on peat and sand. Seeding & Cutting Soil has a very low EC value and optimum pH value for seed germination. It contains balanced nutrients that allow the roots of the plant to develop faster.

Plant the seedlings and cuttings in a pot with Seeding & Cutting Soil.

Peat, sand.
NPK fertiliser (12-14-24)
pH (H2O) 5.3 - 6.4
EC (1:1.5) [mS/cm] 0.5

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