RAM 150mm ClipOn Fan 15W 6”

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Ideal small fan for keeping cool as well as ventilating small tents and grow rooms.

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RAM 150mm ClipOn Fan 15W

The RAM 150mm ClipOn Fan (6″) 15w is the ideal small fan for keeping cool. Also, as well as ventilating small spaces, it has a quality high output and built with a quiet motor. Attach it with sturdy clips so it won’t fall off. It comes with a bench/table clip as well as handy pole clip allowing you to clip it to a bench or hang it from a tent pole.

The RAM clip on fan has 2 speed settings and an adjustable head to ensure that you can get the air to flow in any direction you require. The fan comes with a UK power supply and a 1.4-metre power cable.

The RAM 6 inch Clip on fan only uses 15 Watts of power which makes it very cheap to run.

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