RAM Ultrasonic Humidifier 5L

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With a large 5L tank, the RAM Ultrasonic Humidifier is easy-to-use with a fully adjustable output of up to 400ml per hour.

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The RAM Ultrasonic Humdifier allows the grower to increase the humidity of the growing environment up to 400ml / hour

Complete with a 5L tank, this humidifier is fully adjustable and easy to use.

To get the RAM Ultrasonic Humidifier to perform at it’s best here are some tips:

Never restrict the mist flow as this will force it back into the body of the humidifier.
Remove the humidifier from excessively humid areas where it is not required.
Never try to fill the tank from the top.
When refilling the tank, make sure that you always empty any water that remains inside first. This will prevent a build up of residue salts that can shorten the life of the humidifier.
Wipe clean the water chamber in the base with a soft damp cloth. Never scrape these parts or use detergents.


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