Growth Technology Root Riot 24 Tray

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Root Riot cubes are the ideal propagation medium for soil and hydroponic plant growth.

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Root Riot® 24 Tray

Healthy, successful cuttings is a breeze when growers use a medium with the perfect air/water retention ratio. These peat based cubes have the ideal structure to create the right air and moisture levels. Thus, supporting rapid root development. As a result, strong roots become established quickly in a Root Riot® 24 Tray, the spongy texture presents the ideal root environment. Likewise, to foster the growth of young plants, Root Riot cubes have a structure which allows delicate new roots the best environment to rapidly develop.

Root Riot cubes are the ideal propagation medium for soil and hydroponic plant growth:

  • Root Riot encourages faster, more vigorous rooting.
  • Easy to use, clean and dust-free.
  • Root Riot provides reliable results.
  • Root Riot is fully biodegradable.
  • Ideal pre-cut hole size to support the cutting.

Simply pop a seed into the hole of the Root Riot cube. Gently tease the corner off the cube and pop in the top to cover the seed. Put the tray in a warm place until germination.

Keep an eye on the moisture in the cubes, especially in warm conditions which will speed drying out. Ideally moisture should just come to the surface when squeezed. If not, gently water the cubes and then drain well. Be careful not to waterlog, as this would encourage mould growth and suffocate the roots. Check root growth by carefully picking up the cube from the tray. Do not pull out the young plant; this will damage delicate roots that are trying to form. Once the seeds have germinated, give them plenty of light.

When the roots are visible, the new plant is ready to be potted on or planted out. The top of the cube should be just below the surface once planted.

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