ROOT!T Heat Mat

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Ideal for ensuring a constant root zone temperature.

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ROOT!T Heat Mat

Get a jump start on young plants with the ROOT!T Heat Mat. Adding gentle heat to your plants can speed up germination by days! ROOT!T Heat Mats offer more uniform heating than others on the
market, the single mesh element is encased in waterproof fray-proof layers. ROOT!T Heat Mats are tough and can withstand rugged greenhouse environments.

Choose from 3 options:

ROOT!T Heat Mat 9 Watts (S) (250mmx350mm)

ROOT!T Heat Mat 25 Watts (M) (400mmx600mm)

ROOT!T Heat Mat 50 Watts (L) (400mmx1200mm)

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Weight0.001 kg

Small – 9W 250mmx350mm, Medium – 25W 400mmx600mm, Large – 50 W 400mmx1200mm