Rox Flower Enhancer 1 L

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Increases yields and overall strength and vigour.

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Rox Flower Enhancer 1 Litre

An additive designed to enhance the flowering and increase the weight of your crops.

Used the 3rd week of the bloom phase in addition to your normal nutrients. The effect will be to increase the yield and the quality. Aroma and the taste are greatly enhanced. Also, field trials have shown average increases in yield of around 67%.

Rox is a nutrient supplement to substantially enhance the yield and quality of your plants. A very powerful flower enhancer indeed.

Application :

  • Always shake the bottle well before adding Rox to your nutrient solution.
  • Used during the 4th and 5th weeks of the flowering cycle.
  • Rox’s feeding directions would seem to be based around an 8 week flowering cycle, so it may be necessary to adjust the timing for plants that require longer flowering periods to achieve maturity,
    an additive, used alongside your regular feeding regimen.
  • Mix up any base nutrient as usual and add Rox at a rate of 3ml per litre of water for a re-circulating system, 5ml per litre for soil growing and 5ml per litre in run to waste systems.
  • Never mix nutrients together in a concentrated form, always add nutrients and additives separately, mixing thoroughly into the water of your nutrient tank to avoid unnecessary reactions between different products.

Contains humates, seaweed extract, organic acids, PGRs and triacontanol

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