SmartGro Thermometer Hygrometer with Probe

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Combined thermometer and hygrometer with min/max memory, simultaneously displays temperature, time and humidity

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Smartgro Digital Thermometer-Hygrometer With Probe

Keeping an eye on your temperatures and humidity in your grow room is very important, this combined Digital Thermometer-Hygrometer With Probe with min/max memory, simultaneously displays temperature, time and humidity. Large display shows both temperature and humidity, with Min/Max memory at the touch of a button.

The twin input Thermo Hygrometer allows growers to monitor conditions in the grow room and nutrient tank from one unit.

Comes with a built in stand for standing the unit upright or it can be wall mounted.

The Smartgro thermometer / hygrometer also has a 24 hour clock and an alarm function.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Includes AAA Battery.

How to Use the Dual Digital Display Thermometer:

Slide the battery cover off the back of the unit and insert the supplied AAA battery. As the unit is facing with its back towards you, the battery should be inserted into the lower half of the recess with the positive end of the battery (with the nipple) on the left. Replace the battery cover. Place the thermometer in the area where you wish to monitor the internal temperature by either pulling out the stand on the back to sit it on a surface or you can hang the unit on a wall from a small screw from it’s keyhole recess.

The top display shows the local temperature around the unit. On the bottom of the display is the time and Humidity around the device. Furthermore, by pressing the C/F button on the back, you can choose between readings in Centigrade (Celsius) or Fahrenheit. Pressing the memory button once will display the maximum temperatures and humidity reached since the unit was last reset. If you press it again, you will see the minimum temperature and the humidity since the battery was inserted. By pressing it a final time returns the display to the current humidity and temperature. Pressing and holding the “memory” button for a second or 2 resets the maximum and minimum temperatures being remembered by the unit.


Upon pressing the out/in button on the back of the device the reading on the screen changes to the probe temperature. The probe can be placed anywhere you like but most commonly is used to measure temp outside of the tent or in a propagator.

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