Terra Aquatica (GHE) Syncra Silent Pump 3.5 – Recirculation Pump

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Syncra Silent Pump 3.5

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Syncra Silent Pump 3.5 – 2500L/Hr – Recirculation Pump

The SYNCRA Silent range of water / nutrient pumps from Sicce are the perfect blend of performance and reduced noise. Made with the very best components these water pumps are built to last whilst maintaining performance.

Extremely versatile, the Syncra Silent pumps are ideal for use in hydroponic systems or for recirculating nutrient tanks. The pumps come with threaded hose connectors that simplify connections, allowing for the pump to be located out of the tank if need be. Syncra Silent pumps are ideal use with the Wet and Dry applications.

Pump Dimensions:

(L) x (W) x (H) – 173 x 99 x 118mm
In hose connector Ø – 25-32mm
Out hose connector Ø – 20-25mm

The Syncra Silent 3.5 pump, can pump up to 2500 litres per hour up to 3.7m in height whilst using 65w.

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