SMSCOM TwinController Mk2 4.5A

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Easy to control IN and OUT fans to maintain temperature and negative pressure.

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SMSCOM Twin Controller Mk2 4.5A

The SMSCOM Twin Controller Mk2 4.5A is a very compact ventilation controller for 2 fans with a maximum current of 4.5 or 7 Amps. Also the Twin Controller MK2 is electronically controlled and provides a simple, accurate method for the correct temperature of your room. Furthermore, the Twin Controller MK2 continuously regulates the correct speed for your fans and reserves the right temperature.

Easy to set, Just dial in temperature and min/max fan speeds.
Fans operate between min and max settings to maintain temperature
Furthermore, ‘Motion Flow’ software guarantees the smoothest fan operation
No sudden jumps in fan speed for high level accuracy and a quieter running system
Highly accurate temperature maintenance of +/- 1 degree
Perfectly synced fans guarantee negative pressure
High Amp/Watts capacity will handle fans of all sizes
Total Amps/Watts not limited to 50/50 over each socket
3mtr NTC Temperature Probe
5 Year manufacturer’s warranty
Max Load IN & OUT: 4.5A / 1100w combined
Electronic, precise climate control.
Minimum and maximum fan speed adjustable.
5 meters NTC temperature sensor included.
Also, spare fuse included.
Also, available in 4.5 amperes and 7 amps.

The Twin fan Controller Mk2 makes it easy to control intake and outake fans in your grow room to maintain temperature and negative pressure.

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