Wilma Small/Wide 10Pot 6L Complete Hydroponic System

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6 Litre 10 Pot Drip Hydroponic System.

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Wilma Small/Wide 10Pot 6L Pot Complete Hydroponic System ( 10 x 6 Litre Pots )

Wilma Small/Wide 10Pot 6L drip irrigation systems are designed to provide high yields in as simple a way as possible.

Size : 120cm x 60cm x 20cm

Tank Capacity : 85 Litres


1 x Reservoir Tank,
Top Tray,
10 x 6 Litre Pots,
1 x Maxi-jet MJ-1000 Pump,
Wilma 10 pot delivery system

Perfect for growers who want to:

1. Grow in Pots
2. Experiment with media
3. Move pots around and remove individual pots
4. Make the most of space with a self-contained system

Wilma is a joint collaboration between Atami and Nutriculture and is as simple to use as a pot, but with less maintenance thanks to the timer which automates feeding.


The nutrient solution is held in the reservoir, a pump comes on at timed intervals set by the grower and drips the solution into the top of the pots. The nutrient solution then works its way through the media and whatever is not used by the plants drains back into the reservoir to be recirculated at the next timed interval.

Each time the Wilma’s drip irrigation feed runs it pulls fresh oxygenated air into the growing media.

The Wilma Dripper System grow system is designed low to the ground so that growing space is filled with plants and not the hydroponic grow system.

Growers should experiment with different media to see what gives them the best results, and upgrade to clay pebbles as confidence levels grow.

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