XL High Domed Propagator 58×40.5×22.5cm

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XL Unheated Propagator.

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XL High Domed Propagator 58x40.5x22.5cm

The XL High Domed Propagator has a clear cover featuring adjustable vents to control the humidity and temperature. Our largest unheated propagator and to our knowledge the largest injection moulded propagator on the UK market. The base tray does not feature drainage holes, given that most users opt to fill the unit with smaller trays or pots or multi cell inserts. The unit is easily large enough to accommodate the ‘Grodan 77’ and ‘Jiffy 60’ cell inserts which are so popular with keen growers.

Give your seeds the best start in life using a propagator

Growing your own plants right from the seed is a rewarding way to get your garden looking full of life. Using a propagator means you’ll be able to kick start seeds into germination earlier in the season by providing them with a stable growing environment.

When seedlings are young, they’re more vulnerable to being damaged by changes in temperature and moisture. If you sow your seeds in a propagator, you’re giving them a much better chance at survival.

A propagator is like an incubator for your seeds, a mini greenhouse made of plastic, with vents so you can manage the temperature inside.

Caring for your seedlings

There are three key elements your seeds need to germinate successfully are:

  • Enough light
  • Enough water
  • Kept at the right temperate


To give your seeds the best environment to grow in, your propagator is best placed:

  • In natural daylight for as many hours as possible
  • Rotate your propagator regularly to prevent your seedlings growing towards the light


The compost needs to be:

  • Moist but not soggy, if it’s too wet this could lead to rotting or fungus developing on your seeds
  • Left to dry slightly between watering
  • Some propagators also have a capillary wetting matt under the pots, allowing the seedlings to draw up water when they need it.
  • You should check your propagator every day, and if the compost is drying out, give your seeds a drink


You need to keep your seedlings:

  • Somewhere warm, and draft free
  • Between 18 and 25 degrees (check your seed packet for specific instructions). Use a thermometer to take the soil temperature.

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