Advanced Nutrients B-52 Fertilizer Booster

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Advanced Nutrients B-52 Fertilizer Booster

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Vitamin Supplement
Use this ever-popular formula in the demanding conditions of your high-intensity garden. This proprietary blend provides unique, powerful 100% guaranteed nutritional and vitamin support so your plants are always winners.

Advanced Nutrients B52

Formulated to give plants a super boost of energy by raising the plants metabolism.

B-52 prevents the effects of environmental stresses from reducing crop gains, a complete and balanced full spectrum of vitamins and other growth cofactors are supplied with applications of B-52. Furthermore, the multiple forms of B vitamins and other bio-available substances help plants to better process water and nutrients for growth without exhausting the plant.

The ingredients in B-52 will stimulate better branched plants, bigger root systems and help to nourish beneficial micro-organisms.

B-52 increases nutrient uptake by providing naturally occurring hormones and vitamins that plants could never get elsewhere. B-52 is ideal for hydroponics, soil, and sphagnum moss or any other growing medium. Also, in reservoirs or as foliar spray or as a stand alone supplemental feeding, B-52 can and should by used during your plants entire lifetime from seeds or cuttings to harvest.


Shake well before using;

  • Home and garden plants: (soil or sphagnum moss mixes) Mix 1-2 ml per litre or water. Use once a week.
  • Hydroponics: use 1-2 ml per litre in nutrient reservoir. Use every feeding
  • Transplanting and rooting: Use 3ml per litre.
  • When transplanting, soak roots for 10-15 minutes before planting. When rooting add to rooting solution.

B-52 is completely compatible with all pH Perfect® and non pH Perfect® Base Nutrients along with all competitors Base Nutrients and Supplements.

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