Plant Success Orca Premium Liquid Mycorrhizae

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A microbial supplement that can be used in any medium and with any system.

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Plant Success Orca Premium Liquid Mycorrhizae

The mycorrhizae build a microbial system in and on plant roots which enhance water and nutrient uptake. Also, they can be watered in or run through irrigation systems. Orca is an easy and effective way to treat your existing plants, landscapes and gardens. From the people who brought you Great White, this all-in-one inoculant is all you need when it comes to Beneficial’s.

Never before has such a powerful inoculant been so clean, easy to apply, and effective.

In addition, Orca® can be used on seeds, cuttings, in coco and soil or in any hydroponic system.

Use 1-2 drops directly on seed.

Soak starter cubes in Orca® at 1-3 mL per 1 gal (4 L) of water for up to an hour. Furthermore, Orca® can also be used in pre-soak solution.

Use 5 mL per 10 gal (35 L) of water every reservoir change from start to finish.

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