Advanced Nutrients Bud Blood Powder Tub

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Advanced Nutrients Bud Blood Powder Tub

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Advanced Nutrients Bud Blood Powder

Bud Blood from Advanced Nutrients is another concentrated potassium-phosphorus initial floral phase product that encourages earlier flowering, faster finishing, and better nutrient uptake for better flowers. Plant roots require phosphorus to produce cytokinins at the beginning of blooming.  Furthermore, these phytohormones move up into shoots and induce vegetative growing tips to become committed to growing flower tissue, and increase branching.

After the initiation of blooming growth in the remaining “season” is a rush to bio-synthesize floral structures.  we suddenly see clusters of buds setting, growing, expanding, and swelling to the point that the fruit can break the plant under its weight.

All this new growth needs a generous amount of mineral nutrition, especially the macro nutrients contained in Bud Blood. Both the potassium and phosphorus found in Bud Blood are amongst the top six mineral nutrients in plant tissues.

It triggers your plants to produce flower sets and reduces ‘stretching’ that can occur when photo periods are adjusted suddenly.  This makes it an ideal supplement for vertical and height-restricted grow chambers.

Bud Blood – Growing Tips

DO NOT USE as a foliar spray.

DO NOT USE past first two weeks of flowering.

0.5 grams / litre will raise ppm by approximately 200.

For small flowering plants with limited growth time use at half strength in the first week, up to full strength for larger plants.

Typical Dose: 100g makes 200 litres of nutrient solution.

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