Plant Success Great White Premium Mycorrhizae

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The cutting edge formula contains 15 different species of mycorrhizal fungi, 11 different species of beneficial bacteria and 2 species of trichoderma.

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Plant Success Great White Premium Mycorrhizae

Killer Roots – Killer Plants! Plant Success Great White Mycorrhizae contains carefully selected mycorrhizal fungi plus beneficial bacteria well suited to a variety of soils, climates and plants. In nature, these microorganisms thrive in and on plant roots and greatly enhance plant growth and vigour.


Approved for use with organic or synthetic fertilizers in soils, coco, and all hydroponic systems.

Seeds: Place seed in planting hole, lightly dust with mycorrhizae, backfill planting hole and water.

Soil, Coco and Top Feeding: Apply once per week. Or every other week at a rate of 1 tsp per 2 gallons of water.

Hydroponics: Add to reservoir at a rate of 1 tsp per 10 gallons of water. Can be used as a top drench

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