Growers Products Top Heavy Herbal Curing Compound 1L

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Biological curing compound that restores the weight lost through the drying process.

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Growers Products Top Heavy Herbal Curing Compound 1L

TOP HEAVY is a curing compound used to restore weight after drying aromatic herbs.

During the drying process, cell walls break and cells shrink, spilling their vital cell contents. This leads to significant weight loss.
TOP HEAVY is designed to replace these nutrients and amino acids that are lost during the drying process, adding extra weight to any finished crop. It works by penetrating the palisade cells and embedding itself amongst the parenchyma cells. Thus, it works on two levels.

Because it penetrates the plant cells, it is entirely invisible on the outside of the product, whether it is herbs, flowers or potpourri. In fact, the only thing you may notice is a slightly deeper shade of color, just as you would expect, because of the denser nature of the finished product. Depending on the degree of dryness of the product you are using it on, when used as directed, TOP HEAVY is GUARANTEED to add at least 10% in EXTRA WEIGHT!!

One litre of TOP HEAVY, when used as directed, will treat 10lbs (4.5 kilos) of product adding one extra pound (450 grams) in weight. GUARANTEED.*

It doesn’t matter what system you use, what yield you get or what variety or strain of plant you are growing, you WILL get that extra weight.

TOP HEAVY mimics the contents of plant cells; consider it as concentrated plant cell sap so it is entirely safe to use and to consume. It is entirely natural and the components which make up TOP HEAVY are used in the plant’s biological processes. TOP HEAVY is so easy to use and requires no extra growing skill. You simply spray it on the dried, finished product and allow it to soak in. It’s that simple!!

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