Advanced Nutrients Mother Earth Super Tea Grow 1L

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Advanced Nutrients Mother Earth Super Tea Grow 1L

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Advanced Nutrients Organic Mother Earth Super Tea Grow

If you prefer to grow your plants in soil then Mother Tea Earth Grow is your perfect partner. It contains a carefully selected blend of natural supplements, nutrients and vitamins. They will ensure your plants remain at their peak. Even after they have depleted that soil’s natural resources.

Organic Super Tea Grow provides your plants with many of the natural supplements, nutrients, and vitamins that are not available to plants when using today’s man made chemical fertilizers.

Mother Earth Super Tea bridges that gap to provide all the missing elements as well as beneficial bacteria your plants need for strong sustained Grow production. Mother Earth Super Tea Grow enhances fragrance, taste and oil production of flowers and fruits.

Usage: 5 ml / litre with your regular food during the veg stage

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