Advanced Nutrients Nirvana

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Advanced Nutrients Nirvana

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Advanced Nutrients Nirvana

For Organic High Value Gardening, Use This Premium 100% Organic Formula To Maximize The Size And Quality.
There’s a superstar list of ingredients on board for you, including alfalfa meal that enhances growth and yield in your hydroponics plants. Alfalfa is particularly important if you’ve invested money in C02 for your grow room; it gives you more rapid intake of C02, more vigorous growth, and maximum yields.

These rich compounds contain ingredients that stimulate root function, cell replication, and flower.

Another Nirvana benefit comes from two other plants: Chilean Soap Bark and Yucca. These amazing plants produce compounds called surfactants. A surfactant is a compound that reduces the “surface tension” of liquids so they and whatever they contain more easily enter your plants via roots and leaves. Yucca extract and Chilean Soap Bark extract are two all-natural surfactants that transfer nutrients into your plants.

The Only True Organic Harvest-boosting Gift For Your Plants :

Another of Nirvana’s ingredients is bat guano that contains nitrogen, trace elements, amino acids, nucleic acids, proteins and minerals. Bat guano is rapidly-absorbed by plants, enhancing growth.

Also, Nirvana has a yeast component that contains 22 essential amino acids that build plant proteins. Also, it contains B vitamins. B vitamins are particularly useful for cloning, seedlings, transplanting, mother plants and gardens where plants are being pushed hard for production.

Nirvana Provides Rich, Organic Nutrients For Your Plants :

Another benefit for your plants is humic acid. It comes from leonardite, which is among the richest veins of organic material in the earth. Humic acid helps your plants intake and utilize nutrients. A related compound is fulvic acid, also derived from leonardite. Fulvic acid similarly transports nutrients into cells..


Use 2 mL per Litre during weeks 3 through 6 of your flowering phase

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