BioTabs Orgatrex 1000 ml

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Orgatrex helps to maintain optimal conditions in your soil. You need a healthy soil for healthy plants and Orgatrex helps you to achieve this.

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Organic Liquid Fertiliser

NPK: 5–1–5

Growth & Flowering booster
Either Indoor or Outdoor
For veg. flowers, herbs, trees & shrubs
Perfect for soil or Coco
Certified 100% Organic

Directions for use:

Dilute 2 ml of Orgatrex per litre of water for each watering, or use Orgatrex as part of the Biotabs organic growing range

The solution may be stored for two days.
The ORGANIC growth and flowering accelerator.
For indoor & outdoor growing.
For vegetables, flowers, herbs, trees and shrubs.
Either soil or coco.
Certified Organic.
Shake very well before use.
Store in a cool and dry place.
Keep out of reach of children. Not suitable for consumption.
For optimal results, combine Orgatrex with beneficial soil bacteria and mycorrhiza fungi from, such as Bactrex and Mycotrex.

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