Advanced Nutrients Piranha Liquid

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Advanced Nutrients Piranha Liquid

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Advanced Nutrients Piranha Liquid

Roots are what feed your plants almost everything they need. Now, you can maximize your plants root mass so your plants get optimum nutrition and enhanced flowering.

You do this by using beneficial fungi that will do the following for you:

  • Beneficial Fungi maximizes root absorption of oxygen, nutrients and water.
  • Beneficial Fungi maximizes root growth for optimum yields.
  • Helps your roots gain surface mass.
  • Finally, Beneficial Fungi that will maximize production of floral essential oils.

The bottom line is Piranha increases your plants root growth so your plants roots are strong enough to give you high harvest yields.


  • Ectomycorrhizal Fungi
  • Endomycorrhizal Fungi
  • Humic Acid
  • Leonardite
  • Trichoderma


In additionPiranha Liquid is completely compatible with all pH Perfect and non pH Perfect Base Nutrients along with all competitors Base Nutrients and Supplements.

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