Terra Aquatica (GHE) TriPart Micro Hard Water

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Provides the plant with all the necessary micro elements.

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TRIPART® (Flora Series®)

The original 3-part advanced nutrient system for hydroponics, coco and soil

A 3-part “Building Block” nutrient system: T.A. Tri Part® gives the best possible balance between concentration and flexibility

Why buy grow nutrients, bloom nutrients, a Cal Mag and a PK, when you can grow from start to finish with just three bottles!

TriPart® nutrients allow you to perfectly match the changing needs of your plants by varying the mix as your grow progresses. More Tri Part® Grow during growth, and more Tri Part® Bloom for flowering and fruiting: simple and incredibly effective by design.

Used by the most prestigious research laboratories and universities, including NASA. The Tri Part® is an evolving system that we constantly update in line with the latest scientific discoveries. We also improve the product through exhaustive testing in-house and with our partners in professional horticulture.
Many nutrients claim to include everything that your plant needs for healthy growth but, unlike most competitors, the Tri Part® includes not just the primary and secondary nutrients necessary for basic plant nutrition, but a full range of micro and sub- micro nutrients as well. And, we chelate every possible element for enhanced uptake and stability. This is why the TriPart® delivers such impressive and reliable results in specialist markets where enhanced flavor, aroma, potency, and essential oil production are vital.

The Tri Part® is available with hard or soft water formulations of Tri Part® Micro. this is to ensure that calcium levels in your nutrient solution remain optimal preventing lockout or deficiencies.

TriPart® Micro
Available in Hard or Soft water composition. TriPart® Micro is the foundation of the “building- block” system, providing micro and sub-micro nutrients and some complementary macro-nutrients. Use TriPart® Micro as directed all the way through growth and bloom.

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