GIB Co2 Tabs Slow Release 60 Tabs

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Extra slow release Co2 Tabs.

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GIB Co2 Tabs Slow Release

GIB Co2 Tabs is one of the most essential plant nutrients. Which in addition to water, is the second raw material for photosynthesis.

Greenhouses, grow rooms and grow tents in particular are susceptible to a lack of Co2 due to an insufficient supply of fresh air, preventing ideal plant growth.

Adding Co2 tabs to water, can counteract this affect.

We recommend adding the Co2 Tabs to a separate bucket in your grow room. Be sure that the lights are on and that your extraction fan is off for the Co2 to have a full affect on your plants.

At any one time, plants can consume more CO2 than is available in the atmosphere. No Mercy Tablets are a simple and easy-to-use way to supplement CO2 levels in the root-zone, strengthening plants and increasing overall vitality.

How CO2 Tablets Work

Carbon accounts for the majority of your plants’ mass. To do so, it must be extracted from air CO2 through photosynthesis. Plants mainly absorb CO2 from the atmosphere through tiny pores on the undersides of leaves known as stomata. Studies have shown that carbonic acid absorbed via the root system can help to supplement the CO2 delivered to plants via stomata. After that, light energy is used to separate carbon dioxide into its constituent elements: carbon and oxygen. With the carbon then used to form sugars which become plants’ essential building blocks.

CO2 Tablets dissolve in water to form carbonic acid. Plants absorb the compound through their roots and deliver it to their leaves so they can perform photosynthesis. Leading to noticeable increase in strength, yield and overall plant vitality.

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