Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur Grow A+B

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Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur Grow A+B

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Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Connoisseur Grow A&B

This product is Part A and Part B – Two Bottles

pH Perfect Connoisseur Grow Part A & B by Advanced Nutrients

Strictly for the Experts: an Ultra-Premium 2-Part Grow-Phase Base Nutrient Uniquely Formulated for Experienced Growers!

You’re already a top-notch grower praised by customers and friends, and you’ve already maxed out the potential of your current feeding program.  And if, after all that success, you still want even more yield.  Then, Advanced Nutrients’ flagship formulation, pH Perfect® Connoisseur Grow, is for you. This world-class formulation will absolutely satisfy your every need. The bottom line: There’s no better base nutrient for elite growers who want to get the maximum genetic potential from their plants.

If you follow the label directions, pH Perfect Connoisseur Grow Part A & Part B will keep the pH of your nutrient solution stable within a range optimal for nutrient uptake for one week. For optimal results, we recommend using reverse osmosis (RO) water or water up to approximately 100 ppm (EC 160 μS/cm).  And, since it also contains our proprietary pH Perfect® Technology, eliminating the need for pH and ppm metering.

Directions: Use 4 mL per Litre during all weeks of the grow phase. Use 2 mL per Litre for small plants with 3 to 4 sets of leaves. Use 1 mL per Litre for cuttings and seeds.

Attention: This is a 2-part nutrient A & B.

Please Note,  pH Perfect technology is for Reverse Osmosis water !!

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