Terra Aquatica (GHE) Mineral Magic, 5 kg

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Terra Aquatica (GHE) Mineral Magic, 5 kg

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Mineral Magic is back with a more concentrated formula and a new label.
The tests and analyses we have performed are very positive and even better than the previous version.

Mineral Magic is a basic mineral amendment of natural origin rich in silicium, calcium and magnesium.

Mineral Magic ensures that plants have strong, healthy and more resistant roots against root and aerial pathogens.

Mineral Magic contains silica in the form of silicic acid, an essential element for the structure of the plant.

  • It stabilizes pH and conductivity levels.
  • The natural colloids contained in Mineral Magic+ increase the exchange of cations in the nutrient solution and increase the availability of nutrients.
  • Neutralizes soil acidity thanks to natural carbonates.
  • Corrects Calcium and Magnesium deficiencies.
  • Optimizes the use of mineral fertilizers.

1. At the base of the stems sprinkle 1 teaspoon (around 4g) at the base of each plant.
2. In nutrient solution 4g/10L.
3. By direct powdering of the leaves 10 g to 50g/m2 or by foliar spraying 4g/10L of water.

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