ROOT!T Thermostat for Heat Mat

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Select and control the optimum rooting temperatures for maximising propagation success.

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ROOT!T Thermostat for Heat Mat

ROOT!T’s Digital Heat Mat Thermostat controller is compatible with all heat mats and is an optional accessory for the ROOT!T Heat Mats. The ROOT!T Heat Mat Thermostat helps maintain the optimum rooting temperature for faster seedling and cutting growth. It does so by allowing you greater control over your growing environment, by monitoring the temperature and switching your heat mat on and off as required, within a pre-defined temperature range.
An easy to read digital display ensures that users are able to monitor temperatures and take action where required.

The ROOT!T thermostat controls the temperature of heat mats evenly in colder or warmer than normal environments. It provides constant optimum temperatures for specific plants. It has an easy plug-in operation with an illuminated indicator.


Easy to use and control
Temperature control
range 20ºC to 42ºC
Controls temperature of heat mats evenly in colder/warmer than normal environments
Provides constant optimum temp for specific plants.
Easy plug-in operation
Indicator light
Simple to use

Can also be used with any heating device below 1000watts, including water tank heaters or heaters for when lights are off.

Ideally working with a thermostatically controlled fan. The fan cools the room in the day. If for any reason the temperature drops the rootit thermostat will turn on a heater until the desired temperature is found. Also, it will stop your room getting too cold during the lights off period.

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