Advanced Nutrients VooDoo Juice

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Advanced Nutrients VooDoo Juice

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Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice

100% ORGANIC. Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice contains 5 strains of beneficial bacteria (every litre contains 50 billion microbes). These colonize the plant’s root system facilitating the conversion of nutrients. These nutrients are converted to forms that become bio-available to the plants while also stimulating explosive root growth.

This proprietary solution helps plants acquire vital nutrients and moisture, which massively enhances plant growth. A study found that root mass increased by as much as 90% compared to control plants. NOT a mycorrhizal mixture.
Unique Features:

100% Organic
Microbes are ready to “hatch” within your garden
Increases root mass as much as 90%
Super-concentrated — 50 billion microbes per litre
Plants respond with massive growth
Fixes nitrogen from the air into an immediately usable form


Mix 2 ml per litre (0.4 tsp per quart) during weeks 1 and 2 of your flowering phase.

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